W.E. Davis Co. Inc. Painting Contractors is located in beautiful Tumwater, WA

Welcome to our website. The company was started in 1987 in Olympia Washington and incorporated in 1990, moving to our Tumwater Washington location at that time.  We’ve been providing residential and commercial painting services in the Thurston, Mason Lewis, Pierce and Grays Harbor area with pleasure since.

Our fundamental priority has always been quality. Quality is what the market demands. What may be excellent quality in one circumstance may not be so in another, and it is the responsibility of the service provider to determine in communication with the client what those circumstances are. The contractor then must field workers who both can and will perform the work within the agreement, producing a quality piece of work.

Competence in the painting trade includes thorough knowledge of materials and techniques in the work being performed. The term “architectural coatings” can be used to cover the kinds of materials being used on buildings of all sorts, from opaque paint coating systems to stains, sealers and clear finishes including specialty products of a wide variety. Continuing education on new materials and techniques is a must in this rapidly evolving industry.

You need coatings work done, and you have priorities regarding how the work is done. We work to be your best solution.



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