We do commercial and residential new construction and re painting. We are recognized as a general contractor which allows us to do many repairs as needed and to sub contract larger repairs that are appropriately handled by other trades. We have a good network of contractors and absolutely excellent employees.

ARCHITECTURAL COATINGS are all those finishes used in buildings both residential and commercial including interior and exterior paints, stains, clear finishes and specialties such as intumescent coatings, dry erase coatings non skid and the like. There are numerous paint manufacturers and none has a monopoly on quality of all material. We use products from many manufacturers, focusing on using the best material for the particular job at hand.

We have served the architectural coatings market in this area since 1987 and are continuously working to improve and increase our abilities and knowledge. Even in the short time we have been in business materials and work practices have changed a great deal. Priorities regarding the environment and health have evolved and we are committed to remaining at the forefront of these changes.

1106141026bKeeping schedule:  Due to weather, exterior schedules can vary, that is generally understood. Interior scheduling generally should not vary due to service provider concerns. Proper communication regarding scheduling is an essential part of providing excellent service and we are committed to both keeping as nearly as possible schedules set up and making necessary revisions known prior to making changes. We do not compete in the “They didn’t show up” market.

Environmental protection is an important concern and we take it seriously. While waste produced in painting projects is not usually hazardous it must be handled properly. Jobs must be set up to minimize the amount of waste produced and particularly to control where that waste goes so it may be collected for proper disposal. The best way to minimize the environmental impact of painting work is to do the very highest quality, longest lasting work, reducing the number of times the structure must be re coated.

We spend a great deal of time and effort training employees in trade skills and related trade knowledge. We have a course of practice and on the job skill development combined with a library of trade information which we use in trade improvement. As a result we are fully competent in techniques and materials used throughout the spectrum of architectural coatings projects.